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Our first interview with León Picchus, from Matthew McNair High School in Richmond, BC. He works in many ways to improve his school, from the vice-president of the student council to work as a stage manager. He runs MacDonald over the weekend. I had specific questions for him, but I started by asking him to give me a sense of the scholarship to win

I'm Leon, I grew up in Richmond, British Columbia, and I moved to the BC Delta in 2007 while I was still in school in Richmond. I have an older sister who claims to be an Aboriginal artist in Vancouver, as well as in Vancouver, as well as in Vancouver. I live in the same parent house with my father. My grandmother played an influential role in my life, because she taught me vital skills to be independent and selfless. My family has provided me with a happy and irreborn environment to develop my skills as a human being and learning

That means I can get an education, not caring about finances. Just two weeks ago, I was thinking about how to apply for student loans, but now I'm lucky I'm not as strong as I used to. It will also give me a strong sense of community. Laurin is a community of like-minded people with the common goal of improving our world. We all want to exert influence. Being surrounded by these wonderful people gives me a warm smile. I know that we, as a generation, can make a meaningful change

I'm so excited to share this trip with 34 other scientists, and one scientist I was with at the preschool age. I wrote the application the night before he was supposed to be present, and I had my reference to the application two hours before the deadline. The application process is a long, weary journey, but you will not miss 100% of what you do not do!

I applied for a scholarship without any real expectation of any results. I was just applying because everyone was telling me how important it is at least to apply for a scholarship so I can claim every scholarship I can

In order to succeed, students need self-motivation. You can always have a person who will take you to your projects, homework, essays, everything except that it won't make you do it. Your success depends on your personal commitment and motivation. In addition, it is important to take part in the life of the community, however it may sound. Excurricular activities will teach you life skills that are not usually taught in a typical class. Social interactions, time management, leadership skills, all of these features that you learn from extracurricular activities, will make you a young adult who understands your own abilities better, and learning about the world in which you are

In British Columbia, I think they're doing everything to improve the education system. I was lucky to get some great teachers. I believe that in British Columbia, additional courses should be offered in training courses. These classes are often overlooked and not serious, as they are not necessarily typical of English, mathematics, social studies, etc. These classes are so important that they are a good foundation, but I believe that both students and teachers should be more committed to them

Apply to everything and always be true in your applications. If you try to be someone you don't, this scholarship is probably not for you. Be honest with everyone! If you want him to be in the interview process, just be yourself. They've already contacted you because they're interested in your cause. Be prepared to talk about it. If they have time to talk to you, give them more than that in return

I'm not so sure about my transition. I was going to stay at BC first, but now that I'm going to another country, I'm not sure where my way is going, but it's okay. I'm also excited about new experiences. I love my school and everybody in it, and I'm gonna miss them, but at this weird time, when things change, I don't have to be sad about it, but I'm happy that I had the opportunity to meet with everybody, with what I.

To be honest, I just hope someone has a long-term impact on someone or something

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