Textbook zombie: reading to retain versus reading for gist

We all thought we had too many homework in school, didn’ t we? And then the university is patting us with their zombie reading and excruciating pressures. That’s how we can help! If you’ve read it your weekly reading, you only need to read for when it’s time to take the exams. Ready to know the difference? Reading to save Make it easy for yourself. Don’t worry about the other homework. You don’t remember anything like that. Therefore, sit in your favorite place, prepare tea or coffee and prepare for immersion in the subject. Don’t let your tension win and get the best of you Passive readers can read Is that it? If you read the material at your own pace, do not rush it, you will most likely remember the material. Our minds can be wandering. You don’t let it go too far when you finish your school statement. There is no quick check on social networks or cellular phones. Not losing your mind, looking at the ceiling, if you don’t think about the dense, complicated information you’re trying to remember. Reading to save is all information about how to support your focus in your book If you write columns or notes in your books, write your questions and important facts. They can help you remember the material when you review them later. Make sure your notes are easy to find, so you don’t want to focus on finding them. What’s important here? Step out of this offering. You may not need to save (ALL) However, if you select those points that will be closed or already covered by the class, you will save time later. They are likely to be shown in the final exam, so their number will be the first General rule, if you miss, take a break. You won’t remember anything unless you think about how much you’re going to do Remember what it means to be Consider writing a brief overview of this chapter. It must not be long, but it can provide what you have learned. Thus, you will not be forced to select each individual page to get a general view of the material. Your future will thank you Reading for the Gist Begin by modifying the text in the content page and preface to the basic information overview. Scan the table of contents as a reminder of the topics you will cover I just read it. Do not take notes or nudes for too long; you have done a lot of this when you read it for storage. Now you know this information so that you can use it, but do not forget that you need to actively read to reinsert each word! Sometimes we miss important details the first time we pop out of the chapter. It’s always a good idea to recuse important sections to cement what you’ve learned Both methods help you get information in a variety of ways. The complexity and number of shows you will use will guide you to the best method for your course. In my experience, both tactics work together to help you remember the material completely. If you need a little help at the beginning of your work, check it out

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